Why a Home Care Agency


Why use a Home Care Agency?

When a loved one is in need of care and/or medical oversight, doing everything possible to keep them safely at home should be the first choice.  Seniors or those of any age recovering from surgery, or dealing with an illness or medical condition, would usually prefer to be at home.

  • They are more comfortable around their own things, and in their own environment;
  • They feel more content and less stressed – encouraging a faster recovery;
  • They experience less exposure to the institutional risks of exposure to infection;
  • There is a reduction in the risk of re-hospitalization.

Second, there are several reasons to choose a professional home care provider, like care4you2, in Toledo, OH versus hiring a private aide.  While you may find you can pay a private person less, you need to consider the following:

  • care4you2 hires trained and experienced caregivers, and requires additional on-going training throughout their employment.
  • care4you2 performs thorough background checks on all employees, including FBI/BCII fingerprinting, at least six online background checks, and confirms personal and professional references.
  • care4you2 provides back-up staffing in case the regular caregiver becomes unavailable for illness or an emergency.
  • care4you2 takes care of all employee taxes, makes sure employees are bonded and insured, and covers them through workers compensation insurance in case an accident or incident were to occur while on duty.
  • care4you2 caregivers are supervised by the Client Services Manager, have oversight by our on-staff LPN or RN, and we conduct regular announced and unannounced quality assurance checks, and you (client family members) are updated regularly.
  • care4you2 can be available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days a year – with enough staff to cover the care needs.
  • care4you2 carefully matches our clients with the best caregiver to fit the client’s needs… and if they prefer a different person, a new caregiver can easily be assigned.

You can feel secure that you have made the right professional home care agency selection to provide care for your family member by calling care4you2 at (419) 517-8181.

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